Below are scales/measures developed with international students or to study cross-national related topics:

Cross-Cultural Loss Scale (CCLS; Wang, Wei, Zhao, Chuang, & Li, 2014)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 14 items
  • 3 subscales (Loss of Belonging-Competency, Loss of Access to Home Familiarity, andLoss of National Privileges)

International Friendly Campus Scale (IFCS; Wang, Li, Wang, Hunt, Yan, & Currey, 2014)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 18 items
  • 5 subscales (International Center Services, Social Engagement, Academic Support, Identification with Institution, and Campus Discrimination)

Acculturative Stress Scale for International Students (ASSIS; Sandhu & Asrabadi, 1994)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 36 items
  • 7 dimensions (Perceived Discrimination, Homesickness, Perceived Hate, Fear, Stress Due To Change/Cultural Shock, Guilt, and Miscellaneous)

Sociocultural Adaptation Scale (SCAS; Ward & Kennedy, 1999)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 41 items
  • 2 factors (Cultural Empathy and Relatedness &  Impersonal Endeavors and Perils)

Perceived Language Discrimination Scale (PLD; Wei, Wang, & Ku, 2012)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 7 items
  • single dimension

Post-migration Growth Scale (PMGS; Pan, Won g, & Ye, 2013)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 14 items
  • 2 factors (Interpersonal Growth & Intrapersonal Growth)

Social Connectedness in Mainstream Society and Ethnic Community Scales (SCMN & SCETH; Yoon, Jung, Lee, & Felix-Mora, 2012)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 10 items
  • 2 subscales (Social Connectedness in Mainstream Society & Social Connectedness in the Ethnic Community)

Measurement of Culture Shock (CS; Memford, 1998)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 12 items
  • 2 factors (Culture Shock & Interpersonal Stress)

Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS; Ang, Van Dyne, Koh, Ng, Templer, Tay, & Chandrasekar, 2007)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 20 items
  • 4 factors (Strategy, Knowledge, Motivation, & Behavior)

Wong and Law’s Emotional Intelligence Scale (WLEIS; Wang, Kim, & Ng, 2012)pdf_icon_transparent

  • 16 items
  • 4 constructs (Self-emotion Appraisal, Others’ Emotion Appraisal, Use of Emotion, & Regulation of Emotion)


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